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OOC Information
NAME: Lyndon
AGE: 20

IC Information
AGE: 17
CANON: Motorcity
CANON POINT: Post-Series
Dragons Roar – You want hardheaded and impulsive? Mike is very much that – rushing headlong into things at the drop of a hat.
Virus Busters – Mike is in general a very good-aligned, very trusting person. His purpose in life seems to be “kick bad guy butt, defend and save people.”
Wind Guardians – Motorcity was organized as a place to be free-spirited and independent, and Mike is no exception. “Live fast, live free,” after all.

APPEARANCE: Mike stands at a respectable “tall-ish”, thin, muscular, and lean with tan skin and dark brown “short-ish” hair. He wears a black jacket with orange accents at the edges over a standard blank white t-shirt, black pants with a black belt, and black shoes. Pretty straightforward, simple, and surprisingly clean considering the environment he lives in. The only real variation he ever goes through is sometimes he zips the jacket up.

Motorcity begins with Mike affirming the motto he lives by – “live fast, live free” – and it goes a long way towards summing up his character. He’s relaxed and very open most of the time, but rushes towards his goals with a headstrong intensity to rival the impact of his car. Which is fast. Mike Chilton enjoys, more than anything, doing the things he wants to do quickly. Driving, fighting, car maintenance, eating – Mike is what many refer to as a “man of action”, avoiding downtime when possible and rushing impulsively into things at the drop of a hat. His talents in battle honestly lie in getting out of the trap once it’s been tripped rather than avoiding danger. And he falls for traps a lot. Again, though, he always gets out of them! Mike is excellent at thinking on his feet and enacting swift and effective plans, able to continually adapt on the fly and naturally talented at the skills needed in getting out of nasty situations. He’s fully willing to own up for his actions if they prove wrong, but he’s a go with the flow kind of guy… at least as long as that flow is a riptide.

His main motivation, though, generally comes from the “live free” portion of it. He has a strong, STRONG sense of justice, especially where personal freedom is concerned. His greatest enemy is a man who forces the people ostensibly under his protection into conformity, and the whole of Motorcity seems to have built against that philosophy. He hates liars a lot, as well as anyone who doesn’t hold human life in high regard as he does – he defected from Kane’s military forces the second he learned there were people he hadn’t been told about living in a building he was sent to demolish. His allegiance did a complete 180 and he went from Kane’s right-hand man to the leader of the Burners out of sheer anger and betrayal, with no time dallying in the middle ground. He’s loyal to his cause and to anyone fighting with him, but he rarely gets outwardly angry. He may glare, but he doesn’t usually waste time yelling or ranting – rather he smiles and thinks of a fun (and fast) way to stick it to what/whoever got him angry in the first place. If he laughs in the face of danger, especially if that face is Kane, usually the danger will get angry and just might slip up, and that’s the kind of thing he counts on. Let it never be said that Mike Chilton sticks to the expected in anything, but especially in the way he goes about combating injustice.

When it comes to interacting with others, Mike displays a startling about of trust in people until they give him direct cause not to. He’s not bad at reading people or anything, but rather he knows that trust and acceptance are the way to get others to fight with him rather than against him and to accomplish his goals. When his best friend reveals he has no idea how to drive after being entered into a race with Mike’s car in the pot? Mike tirelessly works with him to teach him how to drive until he realizes it’s a lost cause and controls the car himself after making said friend promise to take more driving lessons after the race. When he’s trapped in his enemy’s city and the little brother of one of his good friends is a soldier working for him? He trusts the kid to do the right thing and let them go. He has his friends’ backs no matter what, and becoming his friend isn’t terrible difficult. Just don’t be a dick and Mike’s usually cool with you. And once you’re his friend, he’ll fight for you no matter what, even if it puts him in danger. And he will fight, you can be sure of that.

If I had to predict his initial reaction to being taken to Terminal Tokyo… well, he’ll be very upset about leaving his friends behind. That said, though, once he knows that time isn’t passing at home he’ll be much more at ease. He’ll just start making new friends and finding new battles to fight, he’s good at that.

HISTORY: is a good brief overview of his history, provides a brief overview of each episode.

Welcome to the future. Most of the US is (as far as anyone in Motorcity knows) a wasteland except, somehow, for Detroit. You see, when the end of civilization came (if it did at all or if people just think it did), a savior took Detroit and built a new, better city on top of it. That man was Abraham Kane, and his company (Kaneco) built what would come to be known as Detroit Deluxe – a shining white example of peace, cooperation, and total conformity. All it cost the people was their freedom – no art, mandated fashion, small flavorless food cubes, and no more pesky hobbies or interests – and they came to live in perfect safety thanks to the efforts of Kaneco and its army of robots and soldiers.

Then came a rising star from the ranks of Kaneco’s soldiers, taken under Kane’s wing and probably in line to take the reins of command one day – Cadet Mike Chilton. He took to training like a fish to water, acing any test put in his way and unwavering in his devotion to Abraham Kane. That all changed the day Mike Chilton was first sent into the field, to oversee a demolitions operation in the ruins of Old Detroit underneath Detroit Deluxe. You see, one thing not explicitly stated here is that Abraham Kane is a terrible, terrible person on many levels, and Mike ended up accidentally discovering this when he found that there were still people in the buildings he had been instructed to tear down. Rather than falling into inactivity at this sudden betrayal, though, he immediately swore off his allegiance to Kaneco and helped evacuate all of the people in the buildings before retreating into old Detroit, or Motorcity.

Once in Motorcity, Mike decided to be as proactive as possible and immediately set out to gather a group of rebels to take down Kane. He had the talent, he had the smarts, and he had the guts – he knew that so long as there was a chance he could win he would have to keep fighting. He gathered the best and brightest of the defectors from Detroit Deluxe and formed The Burners – rebels who, with the power of incredibly fast weaponized cars, could defend Motorcity from Kane’s attempts to take it over and eventually liberate Deluxe from its power-mad overlord. The Burners held steadfast loyalty to each other and to Motorcity, but most of all they shared the same philosophy: “Live fast, live free.”

The Burners, in no particular order:

Mike – Leader
Chuck – Tech guy, Mike’s best friend, terrified of basically everything fast and/or dangerous
Julie – Inside connection to Deluxe, does hologram stuff
Dutch – Artist/mechanic, pretty cool dude
Texas – martial artist/loudmouth, pushes group towards bigger and better ideas (though usually not his)
The Cars – As much members of the Burners as the Burners themselves

The battle against Kane raged on long and hard, and the more resilient the Burners proved the closer to madness Kane moved in his attempts to stamp them out. Other enemies emerged in Motorcity itself – a series of gangs with inter-group politics to keep track of, a rather silly (but also rather dangerous) man in a tracksuit calling himself The Duke of Detroit who ran the junkyards of Motorcity, a mysterious combatant with a grudge against Mike calling himself Red, and a group of eco-terrorists called Terra who sought to kill not only Kane but all the citizens of Detroit Deluxe. The Burners didn’t miss a beat against any of these opponents, keeping up their fight and camaraderie through thick and thin.

Eventually, Kane brought his biggest threat ever by far to bear: The Genesis Pod. Shielded by Kane’s personal War Pod, the Genesis Pod was indestructible and intended to physically change Motorcity into the clean white of Deluxe whether the Motorcitizens wanted it or not. Mike fell into a trap (as he does often through the series) and found himself captured by Kane and imprisoned in Deluxe. Without him, the Burners tried to fight the Pod but ended up unable to even scratch it without it repairing itself. Meanwhile, on the surface, Mike found himself at Kane’s mercy – until he goaded Red into giving him the window he needed to escape and, with the help of his inside connection in Deluxe (Julie, a Burner he remains unaware is Kane’s daughter and not just a well-connected intern), ended up sacrificing his beloved car (and almost his life) to destroy Kane’s War Pod and allow the Burners in Motorcity to destroy the Genesis Pod down below. The battle remained far from over, but everyone was safe and a major blow had been struck against Kane.

Then things got weird and Mike Chilton was suddenly in Tokyo.


[Mike has the camera aimed on him from the top of the car he’s been building while he mucks about with the engine. This isn’t supposed to be his job!!!! And as he works, his digimon passing him various wrenches as needed, he talks.]

Man, it is tough finding good car parts around here. They’re all either way expensive or in use – almost makes a guy miss risking his life scavenging them for free.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking – that last fight was way too close. I need to get some wheels again, fast. And so, I’ve started working on… well, something. Haven’t worked with parts this old in a while, but it’s all about getting the car to open up to you—

[He’s interrupted by a loud BANG and a cloud of smoke emanating from the engine block. Mike grabs another wrench for each hand from the workbench behind him.]

Not making it explode is probably a pretty good idea, too. Give me… a few seconds. Mayyybe more.

[There’s another explosion]

Definitely more.


Working on his new car was relaxing, mostly. Tiring, yes, but relaxing. Mike wasn’t as good at implementing anything fancy, especially not with the available parts around Terminal Tokyo, but just working on making a car of some kind felt nice. Like home. But Motorcity was far away now, and he knew he’d be back there eventually but that didn’t stop him from missing it. Terminal Tokyo was certainly interesting, and great at keeping him on his toes, but there was something about Motorcity that this place just lacked. Maybe it was the presence of traffic laws, maybe it was the lack of giant robots to fight, he didn’t know. He’d made new friends, sure, but in the end none of it was really going to matter, right? He’d just go home and that would be that. None of his friends would even know he’d been gone.

Mike twisted another bolt into place and sighed, lifting himself up from the engine block and stretching out his back. There was no point in dwelling on that stuff, he figured – better to stick to the here and now. And the car, which was here now. Not that there was any way to replace Mutt, but that wasn’t the point anyway. Mike needed something to keep his hands busy. He could keep taking jobs or whatever, but… maybe what was missing here was the constant threat of death by robot laser? Maybe. He had to admit it got pretty boring not being able to fight on his own, digimon or no. The car would fix that, though, once he finished it. If he had a car, he could do something. And that was the important part. Speaking of parts, there were a few more he needed to go out and get...


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